August 2016 Beach Bridal Shoot -

1st December 2016

August 2016 Beach Bridal Shoot

Beach bridal shoot in Ayrshire

Now this all came about after a wedding held in a venue that was a bit of a bomb site with bulldozers and large diggers.  Needless to say this was not mentioned to the bride when the booking was made and we ended up with boarded up windows where all the bridal preparation was being done.  Just to add insult to injury – it started raining right after the ceremony ended.

Now the images were fine but we did lack some outdoor shots of just the Bride & Groom so off we went to a convenient beach area in Irvine.  Beach bridal shoot was enough to put the day back in balance with images shot outside.  Bride and Groom were delighted and I was pleased with the final results.  Happiness all round, even if some time had passed from their big day.  Nice simple images of a very happy couple.  Thanks guys.

If you come up against similar problems then be assured I will do my very best to get you the coverage you need.  Sometimes these things happen and are out of the control of those taking part.  Cancelling your wedding day or switching your venue at short notice is hardly an option.

Final outcome: everybody happy with the results and a very relieved Bride.

beach bridal shoot wedding-glasgow-photographer-monapics Beach bridal shoot glasgow-photographer-beach-wedding-shoot-by-monapics-com Beach Bridal Shoot glasgow-photographer-chrissie-martin-beach-by-monapics-1 glasgow-wedding-photographer-chrissie- beach bridal -shoot-1


Other events from the diary.



In August we also approach the start of the Ice Hockey season and this year is no exception with a gathering held in the Normandy Hotel in Renfrew.


Other tasks were before and after pictures of various house renovations in the Glasgow area.  Always like doing these and to see the amazing difference a house looks after being redecorated and refurnished.

Also working (still ongoing) with 9T9 Fitness and this included stock images of some equipment the have to offer their clients.  Am sure there will be more on this in a later blog post.


Portrait sessions at Studio 13 are still ongoing so if you need that all important headshot then please get in touch to book in.


Lake Garda Italy 2016

End of the month and off to Lake Garda for a much needed holiday.  Just love this place.  If you get a chance then give it a visit.  The area is simply stunning.

See you all next time. 🙂