Glasgow Photographer January 2016 -

13th February 2016

Glasgow Photographer January 2016

January was certainly not the best of times after becoming unwell with what turned out to be a lung infection.  Cold or Flu like symptoms steadily got worse until I had to go to the doctor who diagnosed the lung infection.  Blood tests followed which confirmed an infection so on to the old antibiotics for a week.  Now at the start of February and had to follow up with more blood tests and a chest X-ray.  Now I have to say that one is feeling a lot better with just the odd cough now and again.  Amazing how quickly you can go from fine and healthy to hardly being able to carry out any physical demanding work – like climbing stairs without it being like breathing your last.

Still managed to get some work done in January and even if unwell as a one man business you have to get it done.  No work no pay is a great incentive to at least try and get it done.  Studio 13 was used for the irrepressible Jamie Cuffy of Beata Lei shoes and with the help of House of Fraser styling and make-up we got some great images for his website.  The website is now live so ladies if you love shoes then get yourself over there for a foot treat.  Just in time for Valentine’s day guys, so don’t miss it.  A couple of images below with model Karen Bennie, make-up Alice Martin and styling Mandy McCormack and of course shoes by Jamie Cuffy.

Jamie Cuffy shoes model 2A full day in the studio with some outfit changes and with the arrival of the full range of Jamie’s shoes we also managed the new product shots which can be seen on the website.  Happy shopping ladies.

Jamie Cuffy shoes model 1


Jamie Cuffy shoes model 3


January also seen the start of the Studio 13 portrait offer with sessions for only £45.  This will run until the end of March so if you are looking for the new corporate headshot, updating your business cards, refreshing your website images then now is the time to visit Studio 13 in Renfrew.  Have not forgotten our core clients and members of the public; if you would like a nice portrait for yourself or with a significant other then please give me a call on 07756926054.  Look forward to hearing from you.


Like I said earlier, feeling a lot better and have managed to cover the Braehead Clan EIHL ice hockey games but sorry to say had to miss one as one was just not well enough to cover it.

Looking forward to February.  See you all soon.  Take care,