May 2016 Filming Redcon-1 -

17th July 2016

May 2016 Filming Redcon-1

Redcon-1 The Movie

Most of May 2016 was taken up with producing stills for the Film Redcon-1.

Basic plot outline for the film: “A squad of eight Special Forces soldiers are assigned a suicide mission to rescue a scientist from a city ruled by the undead”.

Redcon-1 is Directed by Chee Keong Cheung and this is his third outing in the Directors chair.

Redcon-1 Chee Keong Cheung by Monapics

Starring and in no particular order:  Carlos Gallardo;  Joshua Dickinson;  Katarina Leigh Waters;  Madeleine Kelly (pictured with Jasmine in the dark top);  Mark Strange;  Martyn Ford;  Michael Sheehan and Oris Erhuero
Redcon-1 Carlos Gallardo by Monapics 1  Redcon-1 Joshua Dickinson by Monapics 1 Redcon-1 Katarina Leigh Waters 1 by Monapics Redcon-1 Madeleine Kelly and Jasmine by Monapics Redcon-1 Mark Strange 1 by Monapics Redcon-1 Martyn Ford by Monapics 1 Redcon-1 Michael Sheehan by Monapics Redcon-1 Oris Erhuero by Monapics-124

Filming for Redcon-1 took place in various locations in Scotland including the old Peterhead Prison and the Scottish Mining Museum in Edinburgh and the streets of Glasgow.

Redcon-1 edinburgh mining museum by Monapics

Scottish Mining Museum – Edinburgh

The bulk of the filming in Scotland was done in the old Nobel (ICI) buildings in Ardeer siutated on the Ardeer peninsular. The site has an interesting history and I have provided a link that covers some of that which is well worth a read.

Redcon-1 building

The initial working title for Redcon-1 was “Zombie Apocalypse” but I have no idea why that was changed as the title was Redcon-1 by the time one had arrived on the scene. I have been lucky enough to have been involved in a few films and really enjoyed working on this.  You will appreciate I hope that one is unable to provide any stills showing the make-up or storyline as the movie is still in the production stages at this time.  Hopefully the premier will be early 2017 and I am really looking forward to seeing the final production.  Being distributed by Epic Pictures so would expect to get a fair viewing across the world.  One also got to film interviews with the cast and crew which hopefully will appear in the DVD version of the movie.  Great fun finding out about more about the people involved in making it all possible.

Great cast and crew and really too many to mention by name but young “Jasmine” was a real star.  When you consider she is still a young schoolgirl then you have to hope that she is destined for big things in the movie world.  Worthy of an honourable mention was our cinematographer Lorenzo Levrini who taught me a fair amount about lighting sets and the use of “smoke” in a scene.  Just need to buy a smoke machine to put that to good use.  From Assistant Directors to tea makers it was a great experience and hoepfully will get to do it all again in the future.  If you know any film productions looking for a stills photographer then give me a shout. 🙂

Finally a quick grab shot of the cast (available) and some crew before jasmine had to head back home having shot her final scenes in June. Bottom right is Lorenzo and next to him kneeling is Jasmin’s Mum. Jasmine left front in pink. Top left is Terry, military advisor and now friend.

redcon-1 cast crew 2 web by monapics