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Blindspot Video now offering wedding video coverage after many requests to provide this service to clients. Should you require your wedding to have video coverage then please get in touch as this is priced on an individual needs basis.

Blindspot Video is shot in high definition with BBC approved Canon Video cameras.

Videographer in Glasgow

BlindSpot Video was a fairly new concept for us here at in 2011. Although we have been filming various projects over the last couple of years now.

Our main area of coverage was with the Braehead Clan covering post match interviews which were posted on Youtube (sample interview) and were shot mainly on 35mm DSLR cameras – still cameras that take video footage.  Of course once you start producing videos you soon attract interest from others looking to produce film work for their own usage like Glasgow wedding videos etc.

Gurlesque provided a great platform to hone the skills involved with the girls and Scott Garvie being great to work with.

Filmed a number videos with the girls and their promo video can be seen on there.  Great fun and a full production number to film. Once again this was shot on Canon DSLR cameras.  Try searching for Gurlesque on Youtube – there are a number of videos out there.

Have done work for Alea Casinos Glasgow who always treat you well and is a great place to eat at incredibly low prices.  Visit their website for more information.  I am also delighted to say that when you do visit the website the images you see are mine.  Great place to be!

We then launched Clan TV with the Clans General Manager Kirsty Longmuir.  Footage from Clan TV has been used for coverage by Sky Sports amongst others.  Most popular footage being that of the arrival of Drew Miller of the Detroit Red Wings to play for the Clan during the NHL lockout in America.  By this time we had introduced new logos and started the introduction with banner adverts for the Clan sponsors, Clan TV and Kirsty Longmuir.

Check it out and if you want to get involved as a sponsor with this sort of coverage get in contact from the Clan website – do it now!

Probably our most popular video was that made for the Oak Mall Shopping Centre in Greenock.  Great fun to make and involved members of staff and the general public in the making.

Viral marketing that was covered in the press and local radio.  A great advert for the centre.

Video can be seen here – Gangnam Style.  You may have to visit Youtube to view the video due to copyright restrictions on the music used.

Someone else I must thank (there are a few including Ashley Collins in which some of my footage is used in First Love music Video) is Sara Douglas with whom I did my first music video.

Great singer and her two guitarists are equally brilliant.  Made a few videos some of which are not on general release just yet but here is a sample for you. Cloudy Days live at the Lighthouse in Glasgow.

Equipment has been upgraded and improved from DSLR kit to full BBC approved broadcast quality video cameras which are now used in all our filming projects.

35mm DSLRS have not been made redundant and provide a great backup for adding extra camera angles to the shoot or simply there in case of mechanical failure or breakdown in the main video cameras.  Sound and lighting have now also been improved with the introduction of daylight balanced lights and on-board video lights for ENG work (Electronic News Gathering).  Run and Gun as it is often called, although at my age there will not be too much running involved.  Included in the upgrade is the use of wireless microphones so distance is no object to sound recording.  New and improved tripods offer greater stability with more fluidity to shots and camera angles.  We now have the ability to shoot scenes externally from moving vehicles or even underwater if required – only to a depth of 20ft I hasten to add.

We can now video your corporate messages in the studio with green screen technology.  Please ask us about this service – right up to full film production outdoors.

If you have something that you think might look good on film then please get in touch.  We can cover right up to full film production with colleagues for Call To Arms etc. Call to Arms launched in Feb this year at the Alea Casino Glasgow.